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Close Editor Tabs Left and Right

GroupId: de.funfried.netbeans.plugins
ArtifactId:nb-editor-close-left-right     2,791
Author:Fabian Bahle
License:Apache License, Version 2.0

NB 11.0 - Verified  NB 12.0 - Verified  NB 13 - Verified

This plugin helps you to easily close unused or unwanted editor tabs. Instead of either close all tabs or all tabs except the currently selected you can also close the tabs right or left from the context menu of a selected tab at once.

NetBeans serial version uid generator

GroupId: eu.hlavki.netbeans
ArtifactId:netbeans-svuid-generator     70
Author:Michal Hlaváč
License:Apache License, Version 2.0

Code Generation  Editing   Add default or generated serial version uid for java classes that implements