NB SpringBoot

GroupId: com.github.alexfalappa
ArtifactId: nb-springboot-plugin
Author:Alessandro Falappa
License:Apache License 2.0

2019-11-28     2023-11-11     189,621

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Download matrix

Plugin version NetBeans compatible
3.0 NB 12.0   NB 11.0  
3.1 NB 20 - Verification failed   NB 19 - Verification failed  


NetBeans IDE plugin for developing with Spring Boot and the Spring Framework.



  • Spring Boot new Maven project wizards: basic project, project generated by Spring Initializr service
  • Configuration properties file editor: syntax highlighting, completion and documentation of configuration properties names and values, error highlighting for deprecated, unknown and duplicate properties, quick fixes for substituting deprecated properties with their replacements
  • Java file editor: quick fixes for certain annotations without appropriate starters dependencies (e.g. @ConfigurationProperties annotation without spring-boot-configuration-processor dependency)
  • Code templates: Java templates for web request mapping annotations, Webflux router functions and CommandLineRunner beans; configuration properties templates for commonly used sets of properties
  • File templates: typical annotated classes used in Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Boot Actuator, Spring MVC, Spring Webflux and Spring Data
  • Code generators: add Spring Boot starters and opinionated dependencies in pom.xml files
  • Global actions: trigger manual application restart when using Spring Boot Developer Tools
  • Project properties: specific Spring Boot page to specify command line arguments, launch options and configuration properties override
  • Navigator view: Additional panel to show request URL mappings of a Controller / RestController class

More details and documentation on the plugin wiki