jVi Update Center JDK-11

GroupId: com.raelity.jvi
ArtifactId: nbupdatecenter-jdk11
License:Mozilla Public License Version 1.1

2022-04-22     2024-05-07     88,185


Download matrix

Plugin version NetBeans compatible
1.0 NB 22 - Verified   NB 21 - Verified   NB 20 - Verified   NB 19 - Verified   NB 18 - Verified   NB 17 - Verified   NB 16 - Verified   NB 15 - Verified   NB 14   NB 13 - Verified   NB 12.0  


This plugin installs an update center so that jVi, vi/vim clone, can be installed. After installing this plugin, from the Plugins Manager
  1. select the "Available Plugins" tab.
    And then you may need to click "Check for Newest".
  2. From the Editing category select
    • "jVi for NetBeans"
    • "Editor Pin" (optional)
  3. install jVi


jVi features include:

  • a port of vim to java, so things like "*2d3w and y% work as expected
  • marks, file-marks and yank buffers, for example "ay'a.
    These are persisted between sessions, along with colon and search commands.
  • over 200 normal mode commands, operators and motions
  • Window split, resize and move commands , for example Ctrl-W_s, Ctrl-W_=, Ctrl-W_L.
    Options 'equalalways', 'splitbelow' and 'splitright' are supported.
  • tag stack, text object selection, fold open/close
  • visual mode, including detailed visual block mode documentation (aka RECTANGULAR EDIT)
  • map commands for user defined key mappings
  • 'wrap', 'linebreak' and 'list' options; also horizontal scroll commands
  • :set all and several other :set commads
  • substiute command with back references, there are options to specify what meta characters need to be escaped, so you can enter
    :.,$s/([^ ]*) (.*$)/\2 \1
  • modeline processing; modeline and modelines options.
  • Results of commands like :g/TextFilter/p go into output window with hyperlinks to file.
  • The bang commands: such as !{motion}{filter}, :{range}![!]{filter} [!][arg] and of course :!{cmd}. vim options shell, shellcmdflag and shellxquote
  • = operator with equalprg option. When equalprg empty, hook into platform reindent.
  • Online documentation See Changes by release for an overview of later features.