GroupId: com.fizzed
ArtifactId: blaze-netbeans
Author:Joe Lauer
License:Apache 2

2021-12-02     2021-12-03     75

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Plugin version NetBeans compatible
2.0.0 NB 12.0  


Netbeans plugin for Blaze. Supports opening projects with "blaze.jar" by themselves or enhances Maven, Ant, or Gradle projects with an extra "Blaze Files" package.


Blaze is a speedy, flexible, general purpose scripting and application launching stack for the JVM. Can replace shell scripts and plays nicely with other tools. Only requires a Java 8 runtime and adding blaze.jar to your project directory. Start writing portable and cross-platform scripts. Blaze pulls together stable, mature libraries from the Java ecosystem into a light-weight package that lets you focus on getting things done. When you invoke blaze, it does the following: Sets up console logging Loads your optional configuration file(s) Downloads runtime dependencies (e.g. jars from Maven central) Loads and compiles your script(s) Executes "tasks" (methods your script defines)