NetBeans Mind Map Editor plugin

GroupId: com.igormaznitsa
ArtifactId: nb-mind-map
Author:Igor Maznitsa
License:The Apache Software License, Version 2.0

2021-03-28     2022-09-12     39,446

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Download matrix

Plugin version NetBeans compatible
1.4.11 NB 12.0 - Verified   NB 11.0 - Verified  
1.5.0 NB 12.0   NB 11.0  
1.5.1 NB 13   NB 12.0   NB 11.0  
1.5.2 NB 15 - Verified   NB 14 - Verified   NB 13 - Verified   NB 12.0   NB 11.0  


NetBeans editor plugin to keep mind maps directly within NetBeans projects.


The editor allows create mind maps as trees. In opposite to many another mind map editors, it doesn't allows cyclic and multi-root mind maps, only canonic single-root trees. Each mind map node has title but also several extra details like icon, note, file link and link to another topic can be set. Rich set of icons is provided with the editor but custom images also can be used to be shown at topics. It supports password protected encryption of notes with AES-256.