jLogMan for NetBeans

GroupId: com.raelity.logman
ArtifactId: logman-netbeans
License:GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 or later

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Plugin version NetBeans compatible
2.2 NB 15 - Verification pending   NB 13 - Verified   NB 12.0 - Verified   NB 11.0 - Verified  


Provides dynamic display, control and configuration of java.util.logging in *this* NB platform. Use "Tools > Manage Logging".

Easily incorporated into any swing app, see website.


Installs "Tools > Manage Logging" menu item; this brings up a tree table of the current java.util.logging configuration. A context menu over the JTree nodes allows dynamically changing the Logger and Handler levels as well as the creation of new Loggers and Handlers in the running program. Table cells for Level and useParentHandlers are editable.

Accumulated changes are called a configuration. There is a Configurations sub-menu. Use it to enable applying the configuration at startup in addition to display, save and read configurations to/from files.

jLogMan can be used in any swing app; it does not require the NetBeans platform.
See website/wiki for usage and embedding details.
Project home: scm and issue reporting.

Contact: errael AT r a e l i t y . c o m

This app's development is hosted by Heptapod and is made possible through the support of Octobus and clever cloud hosting company. They all have my appreciation and thanks.