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ArtifactId: netbeans-textlint
Author:Junichi Yamamoto
License:Apache License, Version 2.0

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Download matrix

Plugin version NetBeans compatible
1.1.0 NB 19 - Verified   NB 18 - Verified   NB 17 - Verified   NB 16 - Verified   NB 15 - Verified   NB 14   NB 13 - Verified   NB 12.0 - Verified  


This plugin provides support for textlint.


This plugin provides support for textlint.

What’s the textlint?

See https://github.com/textlint/textlint


Install textlint and rules

Of course, it assumes that nodejs and npm are installed.


$ mkdir txtlint
$ cd txtlint
$ npm init
$ npm install textlint --save-dev
$ npm install textlint-rule-max-ten textlint-rule-spellcheck-tech-word textlint-rule-no-mix-dearu-desumasu --save-dev

Create .textlintrc

$ touch .textlintrc
{ "rules": { "max-ten": { "max": 3 }, "spellcheck-tech-word": true, "no-mix-dearu-desumasu": true }

You can also set parameters to Options (see below).

Set textlint and .textlintrc paths

Set paths to the Options (see below).


  • textlint Path: /path/to/txtlint/node_modules/.bin/textlint (textlint.cmd in Windows)
  • .textlintrc Path: /path/to/textlint/.textlintrc

Open Action Items window

  • Click Window > Action Items.
  • Click “Show action items for currently edited file only” icon.
  • Open your markdown or text file.


Tools > Options > Editor > textlint

  • textlint Path: Absolute path to textlint
  • .textlintrc Path: Absolute path to .textlintrc
  • Options : You can set options for the textlint command
  • Enable in HTML files: To use the html plugin, you can check this
  • Refresh on Save: To scan the document on save, you can check this (Checked by default)
  • Show Annotations: To show annotations in the glyph gutter, you can check this (Checked by default)



You have to save your file before you run this action.
If there is a fixable rule’s error, you can fix it. Right-click an item > Click Fix.
To refresh items, your document is saved once.

Fix All

You have to save your file before you run this action.
If there are fixable rule’s errors, you can fix them. Right-click an item > Click Fix All.
This action runs textlint --fix command.


You can refresh results forcibly by the following action: Right-click your editor > Click "textlint Refresh".

You can also set the shortcut key(Tools > Options > Keymap).


  • The plugin scans only current file.
  • The plugin does not refresh results automatically. Please save your file or run the refresh action.
  • Use UTF-8 as file encoding and LF as line endings.
  • This plugin may not work properly in Windows. (Please try to check above.)
  • If you cannot get expected results, just try to run the textlint commands once in your CLI.