Most downloaded

1. Color Codes Preview   94,951

2. NB SpringBoot   90,548

3. Rainbow Braces   67,855

4. HTML Enhancements   62,536

5. GitHub Issues Support   60,278

Latest updates

1. Gluon Plugin for NetBeans   2021-10-26

2. SonarLint for NetBeans   2021-10-25

3. NetBeans CSV Editor   2021-10-23

4. YAML Schema Validation   2021-10-15

5. PHP Version Switcher   2021-10-11

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Plugin Categories Description

Codename One NetBeans Plugin

GroupId: com.codenameone
ArtifactId:codename1-nbm     34,342
Author:Steve Hannah

NB 11.0 - Verified  NB 12.0 - Verified

Mobile Applications   Codename One is a toolkit that allows you to easily build beautiful cross-platform apps targeting iOS, Android, and the web using Java or Kotlin.

Gluon Plugin for NetBeans

GroupId: com.gluonhq.plugin
ArtifactId:com-gluonhq-plugin-netbeans     51,554
Author:Erwin Morrhey
Abhinay Agarwal
License:BSD 3-clause

NB 11.0 - Verified  NB 12.0 - Verified

Libraries  Mobile Applications   Gluon Plugin allows developers to create Java applications and their native images targeting Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms using the same codebase.